Sunday, January 18, 2009

A visit to the Super Size Me doctor and a plane in the River

Last Thursday, I was running late for usual for a doctor's appointment, frantically trying to wrap things up at work so I could head out and gamble on the trains to make it on time. Just before I ran out, a coworker yelled, "OMG...a plane just went into the Hudson!"

It was sheer madness as I battled my way from midtown to Soho between the freezing 10 degree weather, which was even freaking New Yorkers out, and the news about the US Airways plane. I would be lying if I didn't say I had envisioned the worst possible scenario involving why that plane went down, and you can't even imagine my relief when I got out of the doctor's office and heard that geese were responsible. I could still here the helicoptors circling the river when I walked home that night (we only live a couple blocks from the water) and it was an eery sound even though by then I knew that all was miraculously alright.

But back to the famous doctor. I saw Dr. Isaacs from the documentary Super Size me. He was incredibly nice and thorough and had funny art work and framed pictures all over his office. Seeing as my last NY doctor's visit was to the St. Vincent's ER where I sat among a mix of homeless people and nannies with collicky babies, it was nice to feel a little normalcy on that particular medical visit.

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